Avoid Fraud and Save Time While Staying Compliant

Prevent identity fraud using predictive analysis – all while staying completely compliant. Ordered with one of our credit reports, IR’s Red Flags Risk Platform lets you leverage bureau fraud alerts so you fulfill the FACTA Red Flags requirements.

All alerts are grouped into data-specific sections and then ranked by severity, so you can quickly find the details you need

With each borrower rated on a simple 5-level risk scale, quickly identify which accounts are problematic

With “Suggested Actions,” we offer proven risk mitigation procedures specific to each alert in your report

Reduce Loss

Save your prospective loans by preventing identity fraud with enhanced fraud alerts

Save Time

Streamline underwriting by getting rid of false positives, helping you focus on legitimate borrowers

Stay Compliant

Specifically designed solution to help you meet the FACTA Red Flags requirements

Custom Rports

Customize your report’s risk scoring to see the details you need right away