Build Your Business with Full, Customized Reports

Get the entire story on a borrower’s credit history with no surprises. IR merges credit data from all 3 credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – and removes duplicate tradelines to instantly deliver one clean, comprehensive report.

As a trusted Fannie Mae credit provider, we’re in full compliance with GSE guidelines so you get a complete and accurate picture

After ordering, the data in transit to you and the data at rest in our facility is strictly secured and stored

Strengthen your knowledge beyond the main report with trended credit data, risk alerts, and other important profile variables

Reduce Risk

Avoid losing business with our precise credit reporting process that we’ve spent years refining

Easy to Read

We conveniently organize the data to help underwriters assemble a full borrower profile within seconds

Full Profile

Get all the details you need: payment history, credit limits, current account status, and more

Flexible Ordering

Order through your integrated LOS system or via our Web Credit System